Cat Boarding

Cat boarding experts in Redruth

Leave your cat where they will be happy, healthy and safe whilst they are away from home. Briggan Farm Boarding Kennels and Cattery is a place where your cats would love.
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Boarding your cat

Although cats are more independent than dogs, they still enjoy and need attention, which is why each cat is given individual care throughout the day which includes time stroking, playing and brushing as well as meal times. We are happy to feed your cat his or her favourite meals or follow your specific dietary requirements for your cat. You are welcome to bring your cat's favourite toys and bedding as home comforts will allow your cat to feel more at ease during their stay. Get in touch with us to find out more about our facilities. 
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Our services for cats include

  • Cattery for all breeds and age of cats
  • Special and specific diets per client's instructions
  • Heated accommodation
  • Clean and comfortable environment
Do you wish to leave your dogs as well at Briggan Farm Boarding Kennels and Cattery? We are specialists in dog training and grooming. 
Call Briggan Farm Boarding Kennels and Cattery on 
01209 890 630 
for cat boarding in Redruth.
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